Floors & Showers

  • Restoration of scratched, damaged, or dull natural stone floorsIf your marble, limestone, travertine, granite, or slate floor is tired of daily wear and tear, dirt, and foot traffic, we can take care of it. Resealing stone floors is highly recommended at least once per year. Stone floor restoration is inevitable after years of use. We provide the following services to the following stones:
    • Re-polish and re-seal limestone, travertine, marble, granite, or slate floors, to bring back their original honed, matte, or polished look
    • Clean stripping and re-seal slate floors
    • Restore natural beauty of terrazzo flooring
    • Hone marble, travertine, and limestone floors
    • Repair non-structural cracks, fissures, and holes in any stone flooring
    • Deep clean and re-seal tile and grout
  • Cleaning, re-sealing, and re-caulking of showers
  • Removal of etching, stains, and soap scum in showers
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